Mike Antoniades


Mike is the founder and Performance & Rehabilitation Director of the Movement & Running School.

He has specialised in movement biomechanics, movement re-patterning and rehabilitation after injury or surgery.

Mike has been a coach for over 40 years and set-up the first Rehabilitation & Speed centre in the UK in 1999. He has coached in the UK, Europe, Japan, and the USA. He has worked extensively with professional and recreational dancers on Rehabilitation and Performance. He has also coached at professional level in sport and is a consultant for several professional Football clubs as well as elite athletes. As well as Dancers from ballet, musical theatre and contemporary dance, he works with young athletes and teams from, The English Premiership, English Championship, German Bundesliga, Rugby Union, Rugby league, Handball, Lacrosse, European Olympic Associations as well as Elite Track & Field athletes including World & Olympic Medallists.

His Movement Re-Patterning methodology is not restricted to elite and up and coming athletes, 50% of all the clients to the two London centres come for rehabilitation after surgery or injury.
He runs CPD education courses and workshops for coaches, medical practitioners and rehabilitation specialists and has been described as one of the most “Innovative Coaches and Rehabilitation Specialists in Europe”.