The Missing Link

Dance is the epitome of human movement!

The sheer complexity of kinesiology and neuroanatomical physiology required in all forms of dance is beyond complex. The Movement School has been researching and developing a methodology known as Dynamic Movement Skills over the past 35 years.

This methodology has brought to the world of sports and dance medicine a unique method of assessment, rehabilitation after injury and improved performance. Simply put, this methodology, the brainchild of Mike Antoniades, consists of an assessment method, screening, performance training and rehabilitation methodology available to: dance teachers, coaches, choreographers, health care professionals, personal trainers, dancers, strength and conditioning coaches , parents and educators in an easy to follow, effective and scientific way.

The Movement School acknowledges dancers as elite athletes and understands the various physical demands across all genres of the performing arts.

The Movement School has worked with hundreds of artists of all ages with astounding success resulting in continuation of careers which would have otherwise ended prematurely, improved performance in ability through heightened stimulation of the nervous system, speed development, quick neuromuscular activation, correction and repatterning of incorrect movement developed because of past injuries – are just a snapshot of the benefits of this methodology.