I have been working with Mike and the Movement & Running School for 4 years and they have changed the way I look at movement completely. When I came to Mike I was performing on a Musical Theatre show and performing 8 times per week. I had hurt my lower back so badly that I couldn’t touch my toes. I was panicking. I had been treated by several Physios, but nobody explained why my back was doing this.

After two weeks off the show not able to move, I was recommended to Mike and I was back on the show pain free two weeks later.

Mike Instantly made me feel safe and heard! He used a very practical approach to stop the pain and “fix” me. Not just sitting around and doing stretches. He had me moving from day one and taught me how to walk correctly again and move pain free using a a series of focused exercise to regain control of my injury and my mind.

As dancers, we work through pain and push ourselves to the point of breaking. Mike says we are “Elite Athletes” and should be treated as such. At the Movement and Running School we are acknowledged as athletes and treated as athletes.

Mike and the team, teach us how we can move efficiently and strengthen what we need to stop our bodies reaching the breaking point and understand our limits, instead of “quick fixing” with massage treatments. I have learnt why my body is struggling and what I can do myself to help it.

I now feel I am so much more in control of my body and I am stronger than I have ever been, meaning that I can safely perform 8 shows a week consistently.

I recommend the Movement School Team constantly to other performers and use the methodology religiously.